Do you have a mortgage on your home that you would like to pay off very quickly?
Do you have less than 1.5M in unencumbered investments or superannuation?
Would you like to retire in the very near future?
Would you like to afford extensive travel in your retirement?

As a leading Property Investment Company in Australia, we help people maximise their financial resources, and re-direct a portion of the tax they are currently paying, to an investment strategy that will help them achieve financial freedom.

AIG is a very successful wealth creation company, launched in the Year 2000 and developed under the guidance and experience of leading wealth creation experts.

As the lead consulting company to many Accounting firms and Financial Advisors seeking property advice for their clients as well as themselves, AIG grew out of the company’s recognition for the need to teach the average person how to build wealth through property, to create a lifestyle and financial security for their future and the future of their family.

AIG’s vision was to create a simple streamlined experience for its clients – a type of “one stop reference shop” where AIG would pass the benefits of its knowledge to its clients as well as utilising the expertise of independent professionals.

AIG is a friendly company that values its customers first and foremost.  In fact, our success rate has resulted in the company receiving Highly Recommended in the Australian Business Achiever’s Awards every year since its inception.

The company’s staff and consultants are all very experienced in all fields associated with successful property investment and all practice what they preach.

AIG has networks which span Australia and it keeps up to date with property market movements on a continual national basis.

At AIG we are passionate about what we do and we care for our clients and the results we achieve for them.   Over the years we have assisted our clients to create portfolios, creating peace of mind and putting them on the path to becoming successful and happy property investors.

We focus on building life-time relationships with our loyal customers.  As a result, approximately 70% of our business comes for our existing clients and referrals of family and friends.

Our clients trust us!


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