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Welcome to Australasian Investment Group Pty Ltd.

We hope that this first contact evolves into a long term relationship which will provide you with considerable benefits in the field of property investment and all associated matters. Our aim is to achieve for you a secure financial future, at little or no cost and eliminate risk. You have to feel comfortable and safe before you commence an investment strategy.

You may be merely browsing and be a complete novice in the field of property investment. You may wish to start an investment portfolio but do not know how to do it and what the pitfalls may be. You may have started an investment strategy and want to learn more. You may have one property and are looking for another one. You may be an experienced multi-property owner but wish to expand and improve on your current portfolio’s performance.

There are many other “you may be’s”. We at Australasian investment group recognise this fact; everybody is an individual, everybody requires individual attention and receives individual solutions. There is no generic panacea to be applied to every individual, couple or group of people who may wish to invest as a syndicate. Factual circumstances will vary, goals will be diverse. You may have short term, medium-term and long-term objectives. You may have dependants to consider. You may have superannuation or you may not but would like to start a superannuation investment portfolio.

At Australasian Investment Group and our affiliated professional service providers we can accommodate and tailor answers to all your property investment needs and queries.


Our primary aim is to source investment properties in high growth-rate areas right around Australia. The properties must have a high rental yield and be tax effective. There is no one location or one type of property which is the “silver bullet” solution. Every region in Australia goes through cycles and we follow this pattern. In the long term, property growth will be maintained no matter where you invest. However if you wish to gain immediate returns, you should only purchase in areas which are ready for their turn to increase in value at little or no cost out of pocket to you.

For experienced investors we can do a comprehensive review of your investment portfolio’s performance and provide comment on how to improve upon it. We have not yet come across one case where our advice did not help. There is always room for improvement. Complacency can cost you a lot in a lost opportunity.

We have provided you with a brief outline of what we can do for you to secure your financial future. However without action nothing will happen; do nothing, get nothing.

Complacency comes at a cost. Time runs on. By taking no action now you may forfeit your future.