How did thou become so wealthy?”

By taking advantage of opportunities available to all citizens of our good city.”

George S Clason | The richest man in Babylon

AIG helps clients realise their potential when it comes to creating wealth, minimizing debt, utilizing debt and minimizing risk. The ultimate goal is financial freedom in retirement.

Understanding how to multiply one’s income by creating various income streams is of great importance to becoming financially secure.

We need to grow our assets whilst we’re working so that when we retire, we can convert those assets to cash flow. A strong asset base built over working years can provide significant options at retirement. Retirement itself can be made an earlier option if the wealth base is there.

Earning Money

Life is limited by time and our time has a limited number of “labour hours” in which to earn money and satisfy our needs, and wants. The decisions we make during our working lives are the ones that affect the way we live and how we spend our future.

High income earners do not necessarily retire wealthy and low income earners do not necessarily retire poor. There are reasons other than earned income that makes wealthy people become wealthy. They find smarter ways of making money and building wealth.

Making Money

The difference between earning money and making money can be quite subtle, but can also be an eye opener and game changer for those that have it figured out.

Making the most of our earnings through investment opportunities can change our lives and make money work for us.

Money is plentiful for those who understand the simple laws which govern its acquisition.” George S. Clason, The Richest Man in Babylon

Opportunity Knocks

Australians, who realise the importance of preparing for retirement, can build significant wealth by simply taking advantage of a proven strategy through a finely tuned combination of: inflation, tax minimization, gearing, population growth, rental income and current interest rates.

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